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Order Custom Team Jerseys for Your Team. Request Team Quote. Get Quick Consultation. Highlights: Serving Since 2003, Provides Custom Uniforms, Multiple Payment Options Available.‎
We have been making hockey uniforms since 2003.
Excellent quality and reasonable prices made us known all around the world: from Canada to usa, from England to Japan.
Our know-how covers everything from design, manufacturing all uniform parts and shipping worldwide.
Sports Apparel Manufacturer “TOWAY” is the leading manufacturer of hockey jerseys in CHINA and the only CHINA manufacturer who has official rights to reproduce professional jerseys of NHL teams.

Our products are known around the world: from USA to Canada, from England to Japan, from the boys who step on the ice for the first time to the players of the  National Team.
We can offer you:
- various models that we developed specifically for you for any sport;
- sweatsuits and ceremonial costumes;
- various souvenirs: jerseys, polo shirts, scarves for fans, pennant flags, caps, mini-jerseys, badges, magnets
- jerseys for fan-clubs and different public events.

For professional teams, we develop and manufacture jerseys in the original style with the application of logos, numbers and names of athletes and other required labels.
We use the most modern imported equipment.
We also offer a wide selection of quality materials and a wide variety of models. Professionalism of our staff - that's what allows us to carry out orders from the most demanding customers in the shortest timeframe.

You can order our products by sending your request to e-mail:

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