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Unlike our competitors we own and operate our own factory, TOWAYSPORTSWEAR CO., Ltd. Most companies have to subcontract different processes out to a number of different companies, so your custom clothing may pass through the hands of a number of different companies before it reaches you. This causes inevitable delays in production and poor quality control.
At towaysportswear we control every step in our own factory with staff directly employed and chosen by us. From the initial design right through to packaging and freight is handled under one roof! This enables us to produce on time, every time with the best quality available.

Your custom clothing begins with your ideas being sent to us on our online system. Those files are directed to one of the 19 graphic artists we have on staff. Our design team then design your custom clothing till you are 100% happy with what you have got.

Once designed, your proofs are tested for quality - spelling and colour check. At this point the proofs are also designed for each individual size and cut you have ordered, so each jersey will look the same - NO ONE else does this!

Once all of this is completed, the proofs are sent down to be printed on our state-of-the-art digital machines. Proofs are printed onto special paper ready to be sublimated on the fabric.

Once printed the designs are moved to the sublimation room. At this point the prints and the blank fabric are run through a special machine at high temperatures that cause the ink from the print to transfer to a gas and permanently impregante into pores of the fabric - the sublimation process.

After sublimation, the fabric is then cut into individaul sections ready for sewing. At this point we have a quality control check on all items to ensure that the print came out clearly and the colours are correct.

We have some of the best seamstress available and they go a long way to producing some of the best quality items available!

Sewing is now complete and we again take each garment and check to ensure all seams are sewn correctly and the garment is ready to be sent out. We then iron each piece and fold each item before individually bagging the item ready for shipping. Each day the freight department handle hundreds of orders as they leave our factory on the way to your door!

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